CD Review - Culture Kultür - Spirit

Thursday, 11 November 2010 21:36
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Label: Caustic Records

Genre: Electronic, Futurepop

Futurepop is back! Five years after the successful last studio album “Reborn”, Culture Kultür returns to the scene with their new album “Spirit”. The album continues from where “Reborn” ended and is the result of four years hard work featuring 11 brand new tracks from the dynamic duo Josua and Salva Maine.I’ve been waiting for a new album, but I didn’t expect it to take five years.

Noticed right away is that the songs has a much better production then previous albums. The first song “Sieged” is a very catchy song with a really strong melody and amazing atmosphere just to be a very classic CK-song. The following “Blind Man” falls into the category of being a little more heavier with its stronger bassline and distorted sound structure to have that club appeal.

The mix of catchy melodic and danceable tracks with beautiful ballads and slow track is great. Just like the melancholic “Love Will Tear Us Apart” or like the strong “Dead Machine” or “Unforgiven” with its very clever accompanied structure. The duo have done an amazing job here and the frontman Salva Maine’s voice are very touching and spellbinding. Many songs have that very unique CK-sound but some really pushing the boundaries a bit, like the heavier “Never Again” and I like it. A great clubsmasher. “Silence” really reminds me of the song “Coma” that appeared on “Reborn”. It got the same emotional atmosphere and touching lyrics.

 “Spirit” is an amazing album and I can say that this is there best work to date and you will probably enjoy every second of every song.


01. Sieged
02. Blind Man
03. Love Will Tear Us Apart
04. Dead Second
05. Drum Machine
06. Unforgiven
07. Toxic Pulse
08. Never Again
09. Silence
10. My Voice
11. I Found You