CD Review - Hocico - Dog eat dog

Friday, 03 September 2010 13:26
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Genre: Dark Electro,
Release Date: 25th June 2010
Label: Out Of Line

Mexican based band HOCICO was formed in 1992 by the cousins Erik Garcia a.k.a Erk Aicrag (lyrics and vocals) and Oscar Mayorga a.k.a. Racso Agroyam (Programming).  The aggression on ‘Cursed Land’ and ‘Sangre Hirviente’ was channelled for maximum impact and combined with catchy melodies and harsh beats. This concept managed to appeal to an ever-growing fan base, although the band’s basic concept remained the same. Sex, lies, death, abuse and religion have always dominated the group’s lyrics.

Hocico is back with a new single titled Dog Eat Dog. This makes curious because the latest album Memorias Atras wasn’t exactly the best work of the little Mexicans Erk  and Racso . ‘Dog Eat Dog’ inhibits the typical Hocico sound with thriving beats and recognizable melodies, yet Hocico again doesn’t show any surprises. B-side ‘Escape the Spell’ is more interesting, with its goa trance influences and agro industrial EBM sound delivering an exciting approach. This MCD contains a series of remixes of the title track by Arsch Dolls, Solitary Experiments, Aesthetic Perfection and Diabolic Art. It seems like Hocico has reached its limitations of creativity. Dog Eat Dog reintroduces a furious sound yet doesn’t bring anything new.



01. Dog Eat Dog 05:11
02. Escape the Spell 05:57
03. Dog Eat Dog (Arsch Dolls Remix) 05:14
04. Dog Eat Dog (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) 04:37
05. Dog Eat Dog (Doggy Style Remix by Solitary Experiments) 04:43
06. Dog Eat Dog (Diabolic Art Remix) 05:23