CD Review - Menschdefect - The Human Parasite

Tuesday, 20 April 2010 09:27
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MENSCHDEFEKT was established in Germany as a solo project of     
Dominik R. in 2004. In February of 2009, Fredrik became a        
permanent member  of the lineup, as lyricist and vocalist.       
Stylistically the sound mainly moves between electro, industrial 
and gothic. However, MENSCHDEFEKT are also influenced by         
different genres such as trance, futurepop and others. The       
lyrics are deliberately constructed to be socially critical and  
provocative in order to reflect the name 'Menschdefekt'.         
Fredrik's vocals are aggressive, and usually significantly       
distorted. The lyrics deal with such topics as war, nationalism/ 
fascism, murder, consumer consumption and our wasteful society.  
The human psyche plays a major role in the development of the    
lyrics. Movie quotes placed in the songs add to their bizarre    
quality, conveying a sense of insanity and absurdity.            

MENSCHDEFEKT's first album, "Realitaetsverlust" was produced and 
distributed in 2006, as the result of request from a friend's    
request for the album to be made. The second album               
"Degeneration" followed in the middle of 2007, showcasing even   
clearer song structures and a more sophisticated sound.          
MENSCHDEFEKT went on to win the AESTHETIC PERFECTION Remix       
Contest in March of 2008 with their version of "Schadenfreude"   
should have appeared on the album "A Violent Emotion", but the   
bonus CD which was expected to contain the remix was never       
published by Bractune/Out of Line (although the remix does       
appear on the Japanese Limited Edition of the album from Death   
Watch Asia).                                                     

Since gaining first place in this remix competition,             
MENSCHDEFEKT's popularity has risen astronomically. The song     
"Stalingrad" was created in late summer of 2008, from the mutual 
and proved to be MENSCHDEFEKT's much-needed breakthrough. The    
track was soon playing across the dancefloors, and in a flash    
national as well as international clubs had jumped on the        
bandwagonIt is also played on different webradio programs.  In   
August 2009 MENSCHDEFEKT finally got signed to Infacted          
Recordings for the release of their first official album, "The   
Human Parasite".

01 Plague (The Human Parasite) 
02 Dedicating Hate 
03 Psycho Bitch 
04 Instincts Of Corruption
05 Schizophrenia
06 Fragile Existence
07 Dekadenz
08 The Way
09 Mind Control 
10 Piggy
11 Black Harvest
12 Trigger
13 Flaws (Bang Bang!)
14 Dark Side