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6 Comm Interview with Patrick Leagas

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6 Comm Interview with Patrick Leagas By Malice F. aka Fotini G.   Before we begin, we would like to thank you for this exclusive interview for your fans in Greece, who have been eagerly waiting for your live performance here in Athens at 21/01/2015 for a long time now.  Patrick Leagas: Well thank you Fotini very much for asking me. I must say that after nearly 36 years since I first played in band in 1977/8 I have finally...

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WAVE – GOTIK – TREFFEN 2017 Festival Preview

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WAVE – GOTIK – TREFFEN 2017 Festival Preview – by Fotini G. aka Malice F. WAVE – GOTIK – TREFFEN 2017: dark-romantic celebrations every year at Whitsun in Leipzig - Germany Festival Preview - by Malice F. The biggest worldwide music -and not only- gothic festival is back for the 26th consecutive year. There is not a single fan of the new & dark Wave/ EBM/ Industrial/ Neofolk /Gothic/ Post Punk scene that hasn’t heard of and furthermore hasn’t dreamt...

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XIII. AMPHI FESTIVAL 2017 22. & 23.07.2017 – COLOGNE | TANZBRUNNEN EISBRECHER, APOPTYGMA BERZERK, COMBICHRIST KIRLIAN CAMERA, DAS ICH & MANY MORE AT AMPHI 2017 Dear Amphi Fans,  Autumn is here and it’s getting cold. Time to get stovestoking, throwing some hot coals into the flame which ignites the Amphi Festival 2017. Therefore today’s programme update comes along heavily packed. Not only with full throttle rock and chunky electrobeats but also with a few surprises to discover. Let’s lift the...



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VII. E-TROPOLIS FESTIVAL 2017 COVENANT, AGONOIZE UND [X]-RX BESTÄTIGT Am 18. März 2017 wird Oberhausen erneut zur Hauptstadt der düsteren Electrobeats. „BÄSSER-HÄRTER-LAUTER“ in der Turbinenhalle mit den Hochkarätern aus EBM, ELECTROPOP, SYNTHPOP und INDUSTRIAL. Zu den 11 bestätigten Bands gesellen sich nun drei weitere Kracher, die es in sich haben: COVENANTAGONOIZE[X]-RX Mit ihrem im November erscheinenden Album „The Blinding Dark“ läuten COVENANT drei Jahre nach „Leaving Babylon“ das nächste Kapitel ein. Dabei lassen es sich die Gentleman-Klangpioniere um den charismatischen...


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Lydia Lunch - Interview

An interview with Lydia Lunch [Big Sexy Noise]  for
By Malice F - Fotini G. 
* Only a few days before their appearance as BIG SEXY NOISE (feat LYDIA LUNCH & GALLON DRUNK) in Athens / Gagarin205 live music hall. (

Malice F aka Fotini G :
Before we start we would like to simply say how incredible happy and honored we are to have this chance to interview you!

1.         EW. Could you please tell us what led you to form Big Sexy Noise and work with Gallon Drunk especially, how this particular collaboration began? And exactly how much Sexy is it?

            L.Lunch : You tell me how SEXY it is...! Depends if you’re into maniacal sax players, brutarian drummers, guitar gods who fling themselves on their knees, and a bitchy female faggot with a big dick complex. The bad asses of BSN get me, understand my humor, rock like mutherfuckers, and we’ve been tooling around together for almost a decade in a variety of mostly psycho ambient guises. With APOCALYPSE NOW & FOREVER on the horizon...seemed like a good time to just ROCK.
2.        EW. Throughout your career, you have collaborated with Rowland S. Howard, Nick Cave, Steven Severin, Sonic Youth, Michael Gira, Marc Almond, Einstuerzende Neubauten to name but a few. You seem to enjoy and make the most out of team work… Do you regard any of the above mentioned collaborations or maybe others not mentioned, as liberating or precious to you?
           L.Lunch : JG Thirlwell aka Foetus…a genius. An honor to have created with him. All my collaborators are chosen for a certain special essential elemental chemistry, so that when we create together an alchemical transformation takes place, resulting in a truly unique expression, experience. I’m just utilizing basic white magic.

3.         EW. As a big fun of Michael Gira and Swans, I was pleasantly surprised to find out sound similarities, as I listened to a recent Big Sexy Noise live gig, as well as to Tuxedomoon. Would you like to mention any old or new bands, artists or even authors that you feel they stand out?  What kind of music do you prefer to listen to nowadays?

           L.Lunch : Swans were originally influenced by Teenage Jesus & my group Beirut Slump (legend has it Teenage Jesus is why Gira moved to NYC from LA…but I DIDN’T SAY IT!)
BSN are more influenced by The Stooges, The Temptations, The Doors, 70’s porno and a need to rock out with your cock out.
I like Mars Volta, Monster Magnet, Carla Bozulich & Evangelista, A Place to Bury Strangers, SIGHTINGS, Pearlene, Dax Riggs, Jack White, Ice Cube, Mystikal, Baba Zula, Les Aus, Dessa, Cecil Otter, Sage Francis

4.       EW. You started out successfully in the New York music scene with “Teenage Jesus and the Jerks”. I was very impressed when I read that some people in the press even thought that “this band came to save us from punk”. What are your memories from the punk scene back then and did you regard yourself to be part of it?

          L.Lunch : I ain’t no punk you punk. Teenage Jesus was successful in making a helluva racket, keeping the audience away. Because of the name, my attitude, my age (17 at the time)…and the fact that a few freaks like Lester Bangs understood and accepted me, coupled with people’s love of nostalgia or what I call THE RETRO VIRUS…it attains a legendary mystique.

5.       EW. And what was, according to you, the concept behind the “No Wave” scene? Besides the non commercial aspect to it… did it make a strong statement?

          L.Lunch :  NO! WAVE!…anti everything. Not related to what came before. Unmelodic. Abrasive. Not sounding like anything else. Rebellion from tradition, from chords, from music itself.

6.       EW. What do you consider to be your finest work? What would you suggest to a fan of yours who would like to get to know you to buy?

          L.Lunch : The entire body of my work it all its diversity. No one thing defines me. Steal one of my books. Download200 songs. Experience 20 concerts…or not…

7.      EW. You tend to express yourself by different kind of confrontational art, music, cinema, even poem work. Do you get bored easily and just try to find out new ways of performance that inspire you or is there another reason about it?

         L.Lunch : I embrace my schizophrenic, contrarian complexities and seek the proper vehicles in order to release them.

8.      EW. In what way pornographic art was/is an inspiration to you and your work?

         L.Lunch : The pornography of reality is far more inspiring.

9.      EW. Even though there is a kind of depressive and nihilistic atmosphere in your art and spoken word works, even focus on rage, my personal image is that there is an immense sensitivity in the way you deal with things. I mean I couldn’t imagine you performing in a huge stadium with people running around, eating and paying no attention whatsoever. I definitely wouldn’t prefer it as a fan. Do you prefer dark basements with smaller crowds, when you perform live?
          L.Lunch : A dark basement isn’t mandatory, but the smaller the audience, the more intimate the impact. And intimate communication is the exchange I deal in.

10.     EW. What led you to write and publish your autobiography “Paradoxia”? Did the favorable reviews in the press make you feel good and accepted?
          L.Lunch : Another ongoing step in my public psychotherapy. When it was first released in America in 1995 it only got 7 REVIEWS!...So no, not then or ever do I listen to or care about ‘reviews’. When an individual responds to my work, that’s what validates it.

11.     EW.  Things are different today in the music and movie industry, it seems to be all about the money for the majority of “artists”. What would your advice be to any young images of you who might be out there trying to make their mark?
          L.Lunch : If it’s not a life or death situation that forces you to create, you’re just jerking off. Which is ok too! If it’s absolutely urgent that you expel your poison, passion, emotion, you will find a way to stain the page, the stage, the wall, the street in order to relegate your attack not against yourself or someone else, but as rebellious protest against those that would prefer your silence.

12.      EW. Would you like to share with us any future plans of yours? Will you be touring with “Big Sexy Noise”; will you release an album, make a new movie project or book? Is there anything you definitely want to do in the near future?
           L.Lunch : New Big Sexy Noise LP is finished will come out in fall. I’ve just released TWIST OF FATE with Philippe Petit, a CD & DVD of our multi-media psycho-ambient live shows; I have an exhibit of my 60 of photomontages that will be touring Spain this year entitled THE WAR IS NEVER OVER, in May I’ll release a new CD with Cypress Grove called Come Back When You’re Better (what I sarcastically refer to as Cuntry Black & Blues) and more immediately…coming to have a blast in Athens. See you soon.

Lydia, thank you very much for your time and we will enjoy your live performance on Friday Feb 4th, 2011 at Gagarin 205 Live Music Hall !
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