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6 Comm Interview with Patrick Leagas

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6 Comm Interview with Patrick Leagas By Malice F. aka Fotini G.   Before we begin, we would like to thank you for this exclusive interview for your fans in Greece, who have been eagerly waiting for your live performance here in Athens at 21/01/2015 for a long time now.  Patrick Leagas: Well thank you Fotini very much for asking me. I must say that after nearly 36 years since I first played in band in 1977/8 I have finally...

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WAVE – GOTIK – TREFFEN 2017 Festival Preview

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WAVE – GOTIK – TREFFEN 2017 Festival Preview – by Fotini G. aka Malice F. WAVE – GOTIK – TREFFEN 2017: dark-romantic celebrations every year at Whitsun in Leipzig - Germany Festival Preview - by Malice F. The biggest worldwide music -and not only- gothic festival is back for the 26th consecutive year. There is not a single fan of the new & dark Wave/ EBM/ Industrial/ Neofolk /Gothic/ Post Punk scene that hasn’t heard of and furthermore hasn’t dreamt...

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XIII. AMPHI FESTIVAL 2017 22. & 23.07.2017 – COLOGNE | TANZBRUNNEN EISBRECHER, APOPTYGMA BERZERK, COMBICHRIST KIRLIAN CAMERA, DAS ICH & MANY MORE AT AMPHI 2017 Dear Amphi Fans,  Autumn is here and it’s getting cold. Time to get stovestoking, throwing some hot coals into the flame which ignites the Amphi Festival 2017. Therefore today’s programme update comes along heavily packed. Not only with full throttle rock and chunky electrobeats but also with a few surprises to discover. Let’s lift the...



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VII. E-TROPOLIS FESTIVAL 2017 COVENANT, AGONOIZE UND [X]-RX BESTÄTIGT Am 18. März 2017 wird Oberhausen erneut zur Hauptstadt der düsteren Electrobeats. „BÄSSER-HÄRTER-LAUTER“ in der Turbinenhalle mit den Hochkarätern aus EBM, ELECTROPOP, SYNTHPOP und INDUSTRIAL. Zu den 11 bestätigten Bands gesellen sich nun drei weitere Kracher, die es in sich haben: COVENANTAGONOIZE[X]-RX Mit ihrem im November erscheinenden Album „The Blinding Dark“ läuten COVENANT drei Jahre nach „Leaving Babylon“ das nächste Kapitel ein. Dabei lassen es sich die Gentleman-Klangpioniere um den charismatischen...


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Interview with Scott McCloud[GVSB,Paramount Styles]



ex 'GVSB' & 'Paramount Styles'


1)ElectroWelt: Hello Mr McCloud,it's really an honor for ElectroWelt OnLine Magazine to make this interview with you.

Please tell us,what's your relationship with music? About your inspirations and influences?


Scott McCloud: Hello, its nice to speak with you also. Thank you.

Music is a relationship with the imagination. Trying to get what you hear in your head into the real world. “Heaven’s Alright” is the closest I’ve come to getting in music what I hear in my head since GVSB’s “Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby” or “House of GVSB.” My relationship with music is love/hate. It’s been a kiss and a curse. Seen me through some of my darkest times and also poisoned me at others. It’s like an addiction, in some senses. I just can’t seem to put it down.

2) ElectroWelt: You grew up and lived in some of the most important music eras like the the 80's. 
Please share your strongest memories from the music scene back then?

Scott McCloud: In the 1980’s alternative music was very antisocial, in my view. The band names of alt rock and punk back then make this pretty clear, just take The Butthole Surfers for example. The name alone seems to say: You are not all welcome here. Allternative vs mainsream seemed more clear back then, certainly financially. Since then, lines have blurred a bit but in the end, alternative music still means anti to me and poplular music is… simply more popular oriented in its themes, its style and sound. People have a tendency to glorify, or re-interpret, the past. The past is the only thing that’s changing, the future is always the same, and the future in 1985 was like the future now… hope, possibility. In the late 1980’s we were just discovering the possibilities of alternative rock. Everything exploded in 1991 (with Nirvana) and now we’re all writing books about it, still.

3) ElectroWelt: You got famous as a singer/guitarist in Girls Against Boys. However you were an active musician before Eli Janney 'recruited' you.

What about your music activity before you joined Girls Against Boys?

Scott McCloud: I was the singer and guitar player of Girls Against Boys, the frontman of a popular and democratic rock group. We existed from 1990 to 2002. I was not recruited by anyone, we were an alternative post punk rock band of four equal members. Three out of the four of us in that band also played in another band ((1985-1989) called Soulside, which released three albums on the noted Dischord Records label. Soulside was part of a sort of re-emergence of what later became known as post punk, or emo. Though we hated the term “emo” at that time. When we started Girls Against Boys, we had that experience and were able to push things further than before with the help of Touch and Go Records, GVSB’s label based out of Chicago.


4) ElectroWelt: Girls Against Boys are perhaps most notable for employing dual bass guitars and especially for releasing your second album,Venus Luxure No.1 Baby.

What about them? Do you consider them factors of your success back in the early 90's and later?

Scott McCloud: With Girls Against Boys the dual bass guitars was a happy mistake, an experiment that worked out. There were other bands doing things like that… the Swans, whatever… Sonic Youth was tuning guitars in all sort of ways. Its was all about trying to find another way of making a lot of noise. Yes, it did help Girls Against Boys to have what people considered a somewhat distinctive sound.

5) ElectroWelt: 200 Cigarettes is one of my favourite movies.You covered the song Boogie Wonderland for it and also appeared in the fim.Girls Against Boys also provided music soundtracks for other films.What about them?
How the band came to provide music for for films?

Scott McCloud: Girls Against Boys was quite known in the 1990’s and we had music in many films. 200 cigarettes was one of the ones we actually performed IN the movie. That was exciting for us. Boogie Wonderland, was a cover from the soul R&B group Earth, Wind and Fire, but done our way. The main thing I remember about the movie shoot was that everything had to be silent on the set, despite the image of slamdancing … so it sounded oddly like the sound 200 people jumping up and down and rubbing their shirt together in otherwise silent club, Was an otherworldly experience.


We did some other soundtracks. Most notably some film directors of the times chose our songs to be movies like Clerks, Suburbia, and other sort of alternative films of the times.


What about your music activity out of the band while you were with Girls Against Boys?

Scott McCloud: Girls Against Boys was the band… during the time of our active existence I did a few other projects, which was mostly a way to blow off steam. But really, Girls Against Boys was always the main focus.

7) ElectroWelt: Girls Against Boys became inactive in 2003. Could you please reveal to us what happened? The main reasons behind it?

Scott McCloud: Its hard to say, in retrospect,, the main reason a band like Girls Against Boys stops. Mainly we had been around more than a decade. Maybe a New York Times concert reviewer put it best in a review of our last NYC performances at the Bowery Ballroom. “Through no real fault of their own, GVSB is now behind the times>” Music is a fast paced world. We weren’t changing enough, or were changing too much. What happens is, what you are doing simply stops being relevant in the large scheme of things… and you get discouraged, and you finally surrender to forces greater than yourself.

8) ElectroWelt: Mr McCloud,the band Girls Against Boys is still connected to you somehow.You spent quite some time with them,

Is there anything you would like to share with your fans in Greece about it?

Scott McCloud: girls against boys had a great show in Athens in 1996, it was one of those shows, something extraordinary. That is probably why people remember the band in Greece, and also why I remember. I’ve never forgotten that show.


You are nowdays involved in this beautiful project called ''Paramount Styles''. Please tell us, how you came up with your current band's name ?                  

What's New about you in the band? About your Music?

(answer combined below**)

10) ElectroWelt: You are the frontman of Paramount Styles. Could you please share with us some of your thoughts about your partners in Paramount Styles?

Scott McCloud: Again, I was the front person of GVSB also , so that part of Paramount Styles is not new to me. As to the band name, I wanted something that didn’t sound like any particular genre of music and thought Paramount Styles fit that description, maybe it even sounds like it would be a hip-hop band. I like the music to define it, as it grows. What’s new about it is that its happening now, and not in the 1990s.

11) ElectroWelt: Girls Against Boys were a 90's band. Paramount Styles started almost three years ago.

Do you see any differences between the two projects ?
What has changed in your personal life or the music industry since ?

Scott McCloud: Of course there is a difference between the music of Girls Against Boys and Paramount Styles. I was 22 years old when we started GVSB, so if nothing else, many things and points of view have changed or matured in my life. At the same time, as I continue, there are likely more similarities between what I did 20 years ago and now, more similarities than differences. I am still the same person, with the same taste in sound and music, and still trying to make something that is both listenable and has vitality, something that speaks to me, and of whom I am and sharing a point of view about the world we live in… This question is so broad, so wide, its hard to answer… what’s changed in my life in all these years?! A lot. But when it comes to music, I still believe in the dream, and the imagination, to perhaps pull off a miracle, so that is still the same.

Your music is really experienced and creative. Would you please share with us a few of your inspirations in the last years?

 Scott McCloud: I’ve been inspired a lot lately by Chopin and classical music. They didn’t base everything on You Tube back then.

13) ElectroWelt: In your career as a musician you have worked with many important people.

Please tell us about your most unforgettable experiences and friends along the way.
What is the most important thing for a musician?

Scott McCloud: I played guitar on a record for Courtney Love. Girls Against Boys played Mt Fuji Rock festival in Japan in a monsoon… We toured with Rage Against the Machine. I’ve been mistaken on the street for John Malkovich. Its all been an experience, one I would never change. Most of all. I always had a dream in my head to keep me comfort in the dark times. And there may be more dark times coming.


14) ElectroWelt: Failure American Style & Heaven's Alright are the proof that Scott McCloud is still active and rocks!
I know it's early for something New but do you plan anything for the future?    

 Scott McCloud: I am going to form a super group in LA with some guys from Nine Inch Nails. Just you wait.

15) ElectroWelt: We can't wait to see you live on stage with Alexis Fleisig here in Athens! We are pretty sure it is going to be a great gig. Before we kindly thank you for your time and wish you a wonderful tour, do you have a special message for the Greek audience and those to attend your upocoming show ?


Thanks to you, we’ll see you there.

girls against Nov 26


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